Ed Sheeran x Pokemon Teaser Released

On September 29th, Ed Sheeran and The Pokemon Company will release "Celestial," a new track from the pop singer. The new song was announced last week by the artist, and today The Pokemon Company released a brief teaser for its accompanying music video. Lasting just 27 seconds, the teaser features Sheeran interacting with an animated Charmander and Squirtle. Charmander helpfully cooks breakfast for the singer, while Squirtle puts out some of the remaining flames in the kitchen. In the video, the two Pokemon are animated in the same style seen in the preview art of Sheeran with Pikachu.

Readers interested in checking out the teaser for Sheeran's "Celestial" track can find it in the Tweet embedded below.

Of course, fans waiting to see the full video might want to hold off, as there isn't much time left until its release! Even Pokemon fans that aren't normally Sheeran listeners will probably want to give it a watch solely for the video. Sheeran is a long-time fan of the Pokemon franchise, so it should be exciting to see how the video comes together, and how the Pokemon fanbase reacts to it. From the brief snippet released thus far, it doesn't seem like the track itself will feature any direct references to the Pokemon franchise. That's very much in keeping with what we've seen from previous music collaborations with The Pokemon Company, but it is worth noting! 

Prior to the collaboration with Sheeran, The Pokemon Company has worked closely with a number of artists over the last few years on these types of videos. Previously, fans have been treated to tracks such as Katy Perry's "Electric," Post Malone's "Only Wanna Be With You," and J Balvin's "Ten Cuidado," all of which appeared on Pokemon 25: The Album. It's unclear whether Sheeran's "Celestial" will appear on a similar Pokemon album, but we should know more after the track officially drops on September 29th!

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