Pokemon Go Announces Controversial New Changes to Remote Raids

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has announced new changes to the game that are already proving controversial with players. Starting on April 6th at 11 a.m. PT, passes for Remote Raids will be much more expensive, and players will be limited to how many they will be able to participate in per day. Currently, Remote Raid passes cost 100 coins each, but starting next week, the price will jump to 195 coins. Three-packs of Remote Raid passes will also go up in price, costing a whopping 525 coins. Players will also be limited to a maximum of five Remote Raids per day.

While some might see this as a cash grab, the limit placed on Remote Raids would suggest otherwise. The fact of the matter is that this decision will actually lead to players spending less money on the game! Many fans drop a lot of coins during special events, such as Pokemon Go Tour, and now won't be able to. The move seems to be yet another vain attempt by Niantic to regain the magic that took place in the summer of 2016, when the game made its debut. Pokemon Go quickly found a lot of popularity when it released, as players gathered outside in an effort to catch them all.

The height of the coronavirus pandemic proved to be a major threat to Pokemon Go's success, and Niantic made several changes to help players enjoy the game when it wasn't safe to gather in person, including Remote Raids. Over the last couple of years, Niantic has attempted to scale back those changes, in an effort to convince players to play in person. However, the reality is that this just isn't convenient for a lot of players. Niantic's changes conveniently ignore things like inclement weather, when it simply isn't safe to get out, particularly in groups.

The Tweet announcing these changes has already been met with overwhelmingly negative response from players. Such was the case when Niantic made changes to the distance required to spin PokeStops, which the company subsequently went back on. Whether or not that will be the case with Remote Raid passes, however, remains to be seen.

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