Pokemon Go Makes the Saddest Twitter Bio Change

Pokemon Go's recent Twitter bio change is a sad reminder about how much the world has changed [...]

Pokemon Go's recent Twitter bio change is a sad reminder about how much the world has changed thanks to the coronavirus. Earlier today, Pokemon Go quietly changed its Twitter bio to reflect its changed focus in a world locked down to limit the spread of COVID-19. Pokemon Go removed references to "stepping outside" and "Getting up and GO!" as it tries to keep players active while practicing social distancing and limiting their travel. The change comes just a few days after an Italian man was cited for playing Pokemon Go in defiance of that country's coronavirus quarantine orders. You can see the revised bio below.

Pokemon Go has made major changes to its gameplay in hopes of limiting the spread of COVID-19. The game has pushed the GO Battle League as a way to keep playing during quarantines, removing the GO Battle League's walking requirements and adding various Legendary Pokemon as prizes as an alternative to raids. The game has also cancelled several events such as Community Day to limit large gatherings of players, and has reduced the walking distance needed to catch eggs. Pokemon Go also cancelled all three of its live Safari Zone events, offering refunds to players and giving them the chance to get the perks of attending should they choose to retain their tickets. Pokemon Go is also offering players deals on various items in the in-game store to make up for the likely lack of PokeStop spins and gifts caused by not going outside.

pogo bio
(Photo: Twitter)

However, Pokemon Go continues to push out new events and other gameplay features despite its massive shift in focus. A new Legendary Pokemon - Landorus - is set to appear at the end of the month, and the game just launched a new Psychic Spotlight that added six new Pokemon to the game. While Pokemon Go is no longer encouraging players to "get up and GO!," it's still providing players with a nice distraction during these stressful and isolating times.