Pokemon Go Fest Might Feature an Unexpected Mythical Pokemon

A recent datamine indicates that a surprise Mythical Pokemon could appear either at this weekend's [...]

A recent datamine indicates that a surprise Mythical Pokemon could appear either at this weekend's Pokemon Go Fest or soon afterwards. Day 2 of this weekend's Pokemon Go Fest focuses on Raid Battles, with every Legendary Pokemon currently available in the game making an appearance in raids throughout the day. Pokemon Go hinted that their might be a story-related reason for the influx of Legendary Pokemon, and a new datamine indicates that it could be related to a surprise Mythical Pokemon. For those who want to keep their Pokemon Go Fest experience unspoiled, be sure to jump off this article now.

The Poke Miners, a well-known group of dataminers who follow Pokemon Go, posted text excerpts from a recent update that indicate that Hoopa will be responsible for various Legendary Pokemon appearing during Day 2 of Pokemon Go Fest. Hoopa is one of two "Gen 6" Mythical Pokemon and is best known for having two forms - Hoopa Confined and Hoopa Unbound. Hoopa's Confined Forme resembles a mischevious imp while Hoopa Unbound is a massive, monstrous Pokemon. The Pokemon uses special rings to teleport both itself and others and was responsible for teleporting players to various locations to face Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

The Poke Miners note that its unclear whether Hoopa will actually appear during Day 2 of Pokemon Go Fest or if the Pokemon's appearance is being saved for after the event ends, as there is some text still missing from the code. Pokemon Go is angling for players to complete Global Challenges to earn special Ultra Unlock bonuses, so it's certainly possible that Hoopa would end up being the ultimate reward for completing all 24 Global Challenges. In fact, the GoStadium Twitter account that also follows Pokemon Go claims that the Pokemon will not be catchable during Pokemon Go Fest, which likely means that Hoopa is being saved for after the event.

While Hoopa might not actually appear during Pokemon Go Fest, its inclusion in the event's story is a pretty big deal. Pokemon Go has been pretty light on its story angles as of late and building up a Mythical Pokemon - especially a powerful one like Hoopa - could add a new level of excitement to the game as it enters its sixth year.

Pokemon Go Fest will run on July 17th and July 18th. Tickets for the event can be purchased for $5 through Pokemon Go's in-game store. The event is a global event, meaning that players can participate no matter where they live. Buying a ticket will earn players access to Pokemon exclusive to the event, including Special Research that culminates in an encounter with the Mythical Pokemon Meloetta.