Team Rocket Takes Over Pokemon Go Fest

Team Rocket has taken over the second day of Pokemon Go Fest. The second day of the popular global [...]

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(Photo: Pokemon Go)

Team Rocket has taken over the second day of Pokemon Go Fest. The second day of the popular global Pokemon Go event will feature players battling against Giovanni and several of his underlings, with Pokemon like Victini and Shadow Mewtwo on the line. As part of the second day's festivities, players will need to battle Team Rocket grunts that descend from the air in balloons or appear at PokeStops. Today's festivities will also feature a six-part Special Research event that culminates in the appearance of Victini, a Mythical Pokemon that has not appeared in Pokemon Go until today.

Although players will have to battle against all three of the Team Rocket Admins and Giovanni in order to complete today's Special Research, these aren't expected to be extremely tough battles. While Giovanni and the Admins are usually a challenge for anyone who doesn't have an optimized team, it seems that developers have made things a little easier for the weekend to help players get rewards like Shadow versions of all three Legendary Birds and Shadow Mewtwo, a new variant version of one of the game's most powerful Pokemon. The Legendary Pokemon encounters are part of the Special Research quests and don't appear in the wild, but players can participate in Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina raids throughout the day.

Players who participate in today's event can also still benefit in boosted spawns that feature regional exclusive Pokemon like Durant and Heatmor, catch new Pokemon like Wash Rotom, and catch dozens of species of existing Pokemon. Please note that the rotating habitat spawns from yesterday will not appear during today's event.

Today's Pokemon Go Fest will run from 10 AM to 8 PM local time. You can purchase a ticket for the event from Pokemon Go's in-game store.