Pokemon Go Brings Back Latios and Latias for Raid Weekend

The twin Legendary Pokemon Latios and Latias are coming back for one weekend in Pokemon Go. Last [...]

The twin Legendary Pokemon Latios and Latias are coming back for one weekend in Pokemon Go. Last week, Pokemon Go confirmed that it would be hosting a special Raid Weekend event featuring the twin Pokemon, who return to the game after a nearly five month absence. Players will be able to find both Pokemon in 5-Star Raids between June 12th to June 15th. The two Pokemon will join Reshiram as catchable Legendary Pokemon in 5-Star Raids, although only Reshiram will appear as a potential Go Battle League reward. Both Pokemon first appeared in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, and have made periodic appearances in Pokemon games since.

Latios and Latias are both Dragon/Psychic-type Pokemon that are weak against Ice-type, Dark-type, and other Dragon-type Pokemon. Although neither are particularly relevant in Pokemon Go's metagame, some players do enjoy using them as Gym attackers as they resist Psychic-type attacks and feature a strong set of Dragon-type attacks to counter Pokemon like Dragonite. The pair are also effective against Reshiram in certain scenarios.

Pokemon Go has tried to keep fans active and engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic with a mix of events and tweaks to gameplay. Remote Raid Passes make these raids a bit easier to do while following Social Distancing guidelines, and the game has shifted many of its daily activities to limit walking and being around other people. Despite this, Pokemon Go is continuing with events like its monthly Community Day (which takes place in just over two weeks), as well as modified versions of big events like Pokemon Go Fest. Other upcoming events include weekly Spotlight Events focusing on different Pokemon, special Raid Day events, and larger events like the Solstice Event and the Bug Out Event.

Mark your calendars for Friday and keep your eye out for any nearby Latios and Latias raids before the event ends on Monday June 15th.