Splatoon 3 Reveals End of the World Splatfest Results

Who won the Splatfest over the weekend: Shiver, Frye, or Big Man?

Over the weekend, Splatoon 3 players on Nintendo Switch got to take part in a brand-new Splatfest event, which was all about what you would do at the end of the world: Same Ol', Bucket List, or Save the Day. The results have been tallied, and Team Bucket List has brought home the win! Team Bucket List had a halftime lead with 34.06%, and managed to hold on through the final results. Bucket List got 45 points for the Sneak Peek, 70 points for Most Votes (at 50.25%), 120 Points for Open Battles, and 180 points for Tri-Color Battles. That's a total of 415 points, overall! 

A Long-Awaited Win for Team Frye

Team Same Ol' came pretty close to winning the day, putting up an impressive 395 points (90 for Sneak Peek, 35 for Votes, 60 for Open Battles, 120 for Pro, and 90 for Tri-Color). Sadly, those of us that picked Team Save the Day had little to show, with just 60 points overall, which all came from Pro Battles. 

The results are pretty notable, as this marks the first win for Team Frye in 2024. In every Splatfest, a member of Deep Cut picks a team to represent, and the final results usually go to Shiver or Big Man. It's been a long fight back to the top for Frye fans, and many have shared their happiness with the win on social media. At this time, we don't know how many Splatfests are left in Splatoon 3 before support for the game comes to an end. There have been a lot of signs that things are starting to wind down for the game, with Nintendo possibly shifting support to the next entry in the series. 

The Future of Splatoon

A fourth Splatoon game has not been formally announced just yet, but the series has been massively successful for Nintendo; according to the company's financial results published earlier this month, sales for Splatoon 3 are sitting at 11.96 million units. With a new Nintendo system set to be revealed within the next year, it's incredibly likely that Splatoon 4 will be among the games announced for the Switch successor. 

Things might be starting to wind down, but Splatoon 3 fans still have plenty to look forward to soon. Sizzle Season 2024 begins on June 1st, and will see a bunch of new content added, including new weapons, a new stage, new music, and more. Readers can find out more about Sizzle Season 2024 right here

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