Pokemon Go Has A Confirmed Bug With Legendary Raids And Medals

With how quickly Pokemon Go players have been completing Legendary Raids against Lugia and [...]

Pokemon Go Legendary
(Photo: Niantic)

With how quickly Pokemon Go players have been completing Legendary Raids against Lugia and Articuno as they look to add the Legendary Pokemon to their collection, many players might not have taken notice of the lack of Legendary Raid progress being tracked by a Legendary Raid medal. In fact, the raids don't seem to be tracked by the normal raid medal either, a bug that's been confirmed by Niantic after a user reported the issue.

After the Legendary Raids made their appearance recently, players took notice of their raid count not going up on the normal raid medal when completing the Legendary battles. Several other Trainers confirmed the issue before one user posted a response from Niantic that indicated the lack of progress being attributed to the medals had been found to be a reproducible bug and is set to be fixed soon.

"Thank you for reporting this bug," the response from Niantic read when a Pokemon Go player provided evidence that none of their Legendary Raids were being added onto their raid medal total. "We were able to reproduce it and a fix will be available soon."

The information about the bug is certainly welcome news, not that it exists, but that it's being looked at and is on the schedule to be fixed. However, some players were still concerned about whether or not their previous Legendary Raid counts would be retroactively added onto their medal totals once the bug has been resolved.

Depending on where players live and how popular Legendary Raids have been in their areas, it's likely that some players have been able to complete quite a few Legendary Raids by now that'll be omitted from their total numbers if not added after the bugfix.

There's no word yet on whether or not such retroactive changes are planned to be added nor is there a supposed date for the bugfix to be released.

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