Pokemon Go to Increase Level Cap to Level 50

Pokemon Go is set to increase its level cap to Level 50, marking the first time in four years that Pokemon Go has increased its level cap. The level cap increase is part of Pokemon Go's major "Go Beyond" update, a new update that will roll out on November 30th. While players will now have the opportunity to reach even higher levels in the game, players will need to complete challenging quests to level up. The new quests range from catching 100 Pokemon in a single day to defeating other trainers, to completing raids with teams that meet certain requirements. Reaching these new levels will earn the players special avatar items in addition to the ability of making their Pokemon even stronger than before.

As a part of the level cap increase, Pokemon Go will also add a new kind of Candy: Candy XL. Candy XL will be required to level up your Pokemon past Level 40, and can be obtained either by catching Pokemon or by combining existing candy into Candy XL.

To help more players try out the new content, Pokemon Go will be increasing the amount of XP players earn for completing certain tasks in the game. Completing some tasks will give out double the amount of XP than it did before the update, making it even easier to complete certain tasks. Additionally, Pokemon Go will add a special Double Catch XP bonus beginning today, so that even more players can potentially hit Level 40 by year end.

Players who reach Level 40 by year end will also unlock special exclusive content, such as Timed Research that rewards a Gyarados cap, a new medal, and a "Legacy 40" title. Players have until December 31st to complete their Legacy 40 content.


The level cap is just one of the major changes coming to Pokemon Go as part of its "GO Beyond" update. Pokemon Go is also adding new Pokemon, arranging its content around themed seasons, and majorly overhauling its Go Battle League. The new changes will go into effect the week of November 30th.