Pokemon Go Brings Themed Seasons to the Game

Pokemon Go is adding themed Seasons to the game, which will bring major changes to both events and [...]

Pokemon Go is adding themed Seasons to the game, which will bring major changes to both events and Pokemon spawns. As part of its new "GO Beyond" update, Pokemon Go will add themed "Seasons" to the game that will rotate every three months. While Pokemon Go's in-game seasons will somewhat mirror the real world seasons, the game's seasons will focus on certain themes, which will impact what sort of Pokemon will appear in the wild, hatch from eggs, and will appear in raids.

The Seasons will serve as a backdrop of sorts for Pokemon Go, providing base level content for players to enjoy when the game isn't hosting events. Pokemon Go noted that some Pokemon will become much more difficult to find depending on the season, while others will appear more often depending on which hemisphere you're in. For instance, players in the Northern Hemisphere will find Pokemon related to winter during the first season, while summer Pokemon will appear in the Southern Hemispheres. The seasons will also impact which Deerling form appears in the wild. Events will also be themed to match the Season's theme.

Pokemon Go will also shift its Mega Evolution Raids and Go Battle League raids to match the new seasonal format. Go Battle League seasons will now be three months long, with seasons switching over when a new season kicks off in Pokemon Go. Mega Evolution Raids will also shift with the seasons, and certain Mega-Evolved Pokemon will get additional CP boosts for limited periods during the seasons.

The first Pokemon Go season will be the Season of Celebration, which will kick off on December 1st. The season will celebrate the appearance of new Pokemon from the Kalos region and the upcoming new year, and players will have the opportunity to participate in events that focus on other Pokemon regions as well. The Season of Celebration will end with a "brand new global event experience," although Pokemon Go declined to provide any further details.

The "Go Beyond" update is one of Pokemon Go's biggest updates yet. In addition to the new Seasons content, Pokemon Go is also overhauling its Go Battle League, adding new Pokemon, and increasing the Level Cap to Level 50. The new changes will go into effect the week of November 30th.