Pokemon Go Players Are Wishing for Partly Cloudy Weather

Pokemon Go players are hoping that their Pokemon journeys take place in a specific kind of weather.

Last week, Pokemon Go added a new "dynamic weather" feature to the game, which causes the game to react based on the weather outside. The new weather causes a ton of different effects, included boosted attack strength, increased Pokemon spawns of certain types, and extra Stardust for catching said Pokemon. The Pokemon that appear due to the weather are also more likely to have high IVs, a secret statistic that determines the power of an individual Pokemon.

There's currently seven different types of weather programmed into Pokemon Go, but an unlikely weather pattern has emerged as an early favorite: partly cloudy.

Partly cloudy weather increases the spawn rates of Normal-Type Pokemon, which include most of the most common Pokemon in the game. It might seem a bit pointless for Pokemon Go players to take advantage of the weather causing already common Pokemon to appear in even greater numbers, but many fans are loving it for the potential for Stardust farming.

When a player catches a basic (non-evolved) Pokemon, they typically get 100 Stardust, which is used to power up Pokemon along with candies. However, the weather boost gives out an extra 25 Stardust, which can add up in a hurry. Plus, the weather boost also gives big boosts to the amount of Stardust given out for catching Stage 1 (a Pokemon that has evolved once) Pokemon, which means it's the ideal Stardust farming conditions.


Partly cloudy weather also causes more high level Eevee with high IVs to appear. Those Eevee can then evolve into Vaporeon or Espeon, two of the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

While other types of weather can cause flashier Pokemon to appear, Pokemon Go players receive the most benefit from playing in partly cloudy weather. We'll see how the weather continues to affect Pokemn Go moving forward.