All Pokemon Go Players Can Now Transfer to Pokemon Home

All Pokemon Go players can now transfer their Pokemon to Pokemon Home. Niantic finished implementing Pokemon Go's connectivity to Pokemon Home late last night, meaning that all players can now transfer their Pokemon from the mobile game to the cloud-based storage service regardless of their level. Players can set up the transfers by entering into the "Settings" menu and then selecting the Pokemon Home option towards the bottom of the screen. From there, players can connect to their Pokemon Home account and select what Pokemon they want to transfer to Pokemon Home.

Pokemon Home is a cloud-based storage system meant to act as a "home" for a person's Pokemon in between Pokemon games. Players can use Pokemon Home to add Pokemon from past games into Pokemon Sword and Shield, although once a Pokemon is deposited into Pokemon Home, they can't typically be returned into older Pokemon games. That includes Pokemon Go, as Pokemon Home re-formats the Pokemon with moves, natures, and abilities that aren't functional in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go's connectivity to Pokemon Home differs from how Pokemon Home operates with other Pokemon games. Every trainer has a pool of "transporter energy" that continuously refills, which depletes whenever a transfer is made. Every Pokemon in Pokemon Home has its own energy cost based on their rarity and strength. However, Pokemon Go players will have their Mystery Box (which draw in the Pokemon Go exclusive Mythical Pokemon Meltan to their location) activate whenever they make a transfer. Additionally, the first time that players make a transfer, they'll obtain a Melmetal with the ability to Gigantamax in their Pokemon Home account.


Pokemon Home and Pokemon Go are both available for free. In order to make use of all of Pokemon Home's features, a premium account is required.