'Pokemon Go' Fans Are Ticked Over the Cost of Second Charge Moves

Pokemon Go fans are upset by the cost of adding a second Charge Move to the game.

Last night, Pokemon Go added its new Trainer Battle feature, a way for players to battle their friends and rivals in 3v3 Pokemon battles. As part of this new feature, players can permanently unlock a second Charge Move slot for their Pokemon, giving them more versatility and uses in battles and raids.

Players have to spend Stardust and Candies to unlock this second Charge Move, with the cost determined by how much distance it takes for a Pokemon to earn a Buddy Candy. The Stardust and Candy costs are as follows:

1 KM Buddy Pokemon (and Starter and Baby Pokemon): 25 Candies, 10,000 Stardust

3 KM Buddy Pokemon: 50 Candies, 50,000 Stardust

5 KM Buddy Pokemon: 75 Candies, 75,000 Stardust

20 KM Buddy Pokemon: 100 Candies, 100,000 Stardust

Many players are struggling with the cost of adding a second Charge Move to their Legendary Pokemon. It's hard to accumulate Legendary Pokemon Candies, and players are struggling with the fact that they have to devote either a ton of Rare Candies or walk a lot of Legendary Pokemon in order to optimize their Legendary Pokemon.

Of course, the flip side is that Legendary Pokemon are already much stronger than normal Pokemon and giving them easy access to a second Charge Move would just make them even more OP. Making it more costly to add a second Charge Move should make players consider devoting resources to "cheaper" Pokemon instead.


There's also an extra benefit to raising Baby Pokemon. For instance, you can add a second Charge Move slot to an Elekid for significantly less than it would to add a second Charge Move to an Electivire. Basically, Baby Pokemon potentially have a bigger role in Pokemon Go now that players can save 65,000 Stardust and 50 Candies to add that second Charge Move to certain Pokemon evolutionary lines.

There's a lot more benefits and drawbacks to Pokemon Go's new update, and we'll be covering all of that soon. Keep reading, trainings!