Pokemon Go Sprint Super Pack Announced

Sprint is offering a new Super Pack for Pokemon Go players with several in-game items as an [...]

Pokemon Go Sprint
(Photo: Niantic)

Sprint is offering a new Super Pack for Pokemon Go players with several in-game items as an incentive to switch to the mobile provider.

Lucky Eggs, Incense, and Berries are just a few of the add-ons that are being offered through the Super Pack, a deal that's being valued at $50 by Sprint.

"Hey Pokémon GO Trainers, switch to Sprint and get a $50 Pokémon GO Sprint Super Pack for FREE, before they are gone! (Includes Ultra Balls, Lucky Eggs, Pinap Berries, Lure Modules, Incense and more!)," the announcement from Sprint reads.

Free Moto e4s are also part of the deal when you switch over, giving you one more device to play Pokemon Go on if you find your own is getting to be a bit outdated. The exact quantities of the items in the Super Pack are unknown, and with several items mentioned already in the deal, the "and more" part of the Super Pack is also unclear.

If it may seem strange that a mobile provider is offering switch-over bonuses directly tied to one mobile game, it's worth pointing out that Sprint has actually been offering such Pokemon Go incentives for a while now. The phone carrier has a My Trainer Rewards program that allows Pokemon Go Trainers to accumulate special points that can be redeemed for different prizes. Plenty of Sprint's physical locations are also hosts to PokeStops and gyms in Pokemon Go, and visiting those stops while using the Trainer Rewards Program will net you even more points to redeem.

In the past, Sprint has offered similar deals or promos as incentives to Pokemon Go Trainers, but some players haven't always had an easy time redeeming them. While plenty of Pokemon Go bonuses were likely distributed without a problem, some players experienced troubles with their promo codes or with certain stores not being aware of the promos that were going on, according to players' accounts from earlier in the year.

If you're already a Sprint user, simply adding a line to your account will also earn you the Super Pack. The offer will end on Sept. 14, so if you have plans to switch to Sprint, it might be better to do it sooner rather than later.