Team Instinct's Leader is Missing in Pokemon Go

Team Instinct fans seemingly have a new team leader in Pokemon Go. Players who have downloaded the [...]

Team Instinct fans seemingly have a new team leader in Pokemon Go. Players who have downloaded the new update are reporting that Candela, the leader of Team Valor, is now appearing for Team Instinct players when they ask their team leader to appraise their Pokemon.

Candela replaces Spark, the original goofy and affable leader of Pokemon Go's smallest team. Many players had pegged Spark as a clutz when Niantic first unveiled him to the masses last year and their instincts were seemingly confirmed when an official piece of game art showed Spark tripping and dropping a batch of Pokemon eggs.

As of right now, it's unclear whether Spark is just slacking off, taking a vacation, or has been kidnapped by parties unknown. Niantic has yet to issue a statement about the former Team Instinct leader's disappearance.

Due to Team Instinct's smaller than average roster (it's estimated that only 25% of players are Team Instinct,) the Yellow Team was often the butt of jokes during Pokemon Go's heyday last year. Those jokes became even more common when Niantic introduced Spark, as he seemed a bit than the stern Candela or the stoic Blanche.

Spark's disappearance is likely just a temporary bug in the new update. However, we do think it would be pretty cool if Pokemon Go started incorporating their Team Leaders (or even Professor Willow, who's long been absent from the game) into some sort of cooperative, running storyline.

Stay tuned for up to date coverage on Spark's disappearance, including any potential leads or official statements about his absence.

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