Weedle Takes Surprising Lead in Pokemon Go Community Day Poll

Pokemon Go's Community Day poll has netted some surprising early results. Last night, Pokemon Go posted a poll on its Twitter account to determine which Pokemon species would be the focus of this summer's Community Day events. Players have four choices for June and July Community Day events, each of which comes with their own exclusive move. However, in a surprise twist, Weedle has emerged as the leader of the poll, which runs through 6 PM PT this afternoon. As of press time, Weedle has over 34% of the votes in the poll, closely followed by Gastly at 32.4%. Squirtle is in a distant third with about 23%, and Sandshrew is at the bottom of the pack with just over 10% of the vote.

The likely reason for Weedle's surprise emergence as the frontrunner of the poll is that Weedle is the only Pokemon of the four choices that does not currently have a Shiny Pokemon variant in the game. Two of the four species (Squirtle and Gastly) have already had dedicated events, and people seem generally unenthused by Sandshrew, even though players would have the ability to get both the Kanto version and the Alolan version in the event.

Assuming the poll results hold, Weedle will have its Community Day in June and Gastly will have a Community Day in July. Any Beedrill evolved during its Community Day will know the move Drill Run, while Gengar evolved during its Community Day will learn the move Shadow Punch.


You can vote for your choice through 6 PM PT in the tweet above. Pokemon Go players can also participate in the Seedot Community Day, which is taking place today starting at 11 AM local time.