Christina Aguilera's Daughter Has Played Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Christina Aguilera's daughter has apparently had the opportunity to play Pokemon Legends: Arceus. During a recent interview with, singer Christina Aguilera revealed that her daughter had the opportunity to play the upcoming Pokemon game while filming a commercial for Nintendo. ""[While shooting the campaign], my daughter was able to fall in love with a new game," Aguilera said. "We had a brief moment to [try out] Pokemon Legends: Arceus, It's so gorgeous, the graphics and the setting that you get to explore in, so she was loving that so much, she wouldn't give me a turn. But that was on set and yeah, it's just such a great way for your family to connect."

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the upcoming Pokemon game that reimagines the Pokemon franchise from the ground up. Set in a "feudal era" of the Sinnoh region (then called the Hisui region), the game follows a Pokemon trainer as they try to compile the region's first Pokedex. Notably, players don't switch from an overworld map to a battle screen. Instead, players have to react in real time to capture Pokemon or when wild Pokemon see players and attack them. The game also features a reimagined battle system that takes into account attack speed into a fight's progression.

Aguilera is a longtime Nintendo fan, having had the original NES as a child. Because of her history with Nintendo systems, she decided to participate in a holiday campaign for the Nintendo Switch, which also involved her kids. "I'm very choosy with how I share my workspace with my kids, but it was such a no brainer and dream come true to be able to involve my kids in something that's just truly authentic to my family," Aguilera said. "And to be [handing] this down now to a new generation, my son is now better than me, so he's taking the reins, but it's so beautiful to be able to do something that's not even work, it's just all play." The full commercial with Aguilera and her family can be seen below. also discussed several other recent Nintendo games with Aguilera, with the singer noting that she was a fan of Mario Party and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and that her favorite Nintendo character was Pink Gold Peach. Aguilera also notably is a person of taste, as she also has a soft spot for Wario and Waluigi. She also noted other recent favorites included Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. You can read the full interview here.