Pokemon Legends: Arceus Reveals First Mythical Pokemon Giveaway

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will feature a post-game quest involving a Mythical Pokemon, provided that players have save data from another Pokemon game on their Nintendo Switch. Today, The Pokemon Company revealed that Pokemon Legends: Arceus players who have save data from Pokemon Sword and Shield will be able to take on a research request that results in the chance to add the Mythical Pokemon Shaymin to their team. Additionally, players will be able to claim a Shaymin Kimono Set designed after the Pokemon. The research request will become available after viewing the game's end credits. Players who have save data from Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu or Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee will also be able to claim a Pikachu Mask and an Eevee mask in the game. Notably, Shyamin is the first Mythical Pokemon to be confirmed for Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and the fact that it involves a research request could mean a return to Mythical Pokemon storylines, which were once a mainstay of Pokemon games but were abandoned in more recent generations.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a new style of Pokemon game set in a past era of the Pokemon world. The game is set in the Hisui region, the area that will eventually become known as the Sinnoh region. Players will be tasked to collect data for the region's first ever Pokedex while investigating a mysterious phenomenon that is causing some Pokemon to go berserk. Notably, the game uses new catch and battle mechanics. The game lacks a separate battle screen. Instead, players deploy their Pokemon on the "overworld" map to battle wild Pokemon. Catching Pokemon involves sneaking up on them instead of randomly encountering them in tall grass.  

Notably, Pokemon Legends: Arceus will feature several new regional variant Pokemon and new evolutions of existing Pokemon species, similar to Pokemon Sword and Shield. Some of the new Pokemon already introduced in the game includes Basculegion, a Water/Ghost-type evolution of Basculin and Kleavor, a Rock/Bug-type evolution of Scyther. Hisuian variants of Zorua, Growlithe, and Braviary have also been confirmed for the game. 

More details about Pokemon Legends: Arceus are expected to be announced soon. The game will be released on January 28, 2022.