The Lady Gaga Oreo Looks Just Like Pokemon's Mewtwo

Oreo is now offering a limited-edition cookie inspired by Lady Gaga, but it looks a lot more like [...]

Oreo is now offering a limited-edition cookie inspired by Lady Gaga, but it looks a lot more like Pokemon's Mewtwo. The Lady Gaga Oreos feature multiple patterns meant to evoke her album Chromatica, and one of them pays homage to the cover art. On the cover, Lady Gaga is wearing body armor and heels made out of knives. It's an awesome design, but when replicated in cookie form, the armor and heels end up looking more like Mewtwo's tail and feet. One could even argue that it has a similar Poke-face; one way or another, it definitely bears a close resemblance to the Psychic-type!

An image of the Lady Gaga/Mewtwo Oreo can be found below.

Mewtwo Oreo 1
(Photo: ComicBook)

Just like the experiments that led to Mewtwo's creation, it seems that the engineers at Oreo attempted to replicate one thing, only to get something completely different! It's all too fitting that an Oreo that resembles Mewtwo's iconic design would have such a similar origin story. Perhaps this will even make the Lady Gaga-inspired Oreos a craze on par with Pokemon cards, as resellers scramble to grab the cookies before they've all been claimed.

Mewtwo is one of the most deserving Pokemon to appear on an Oreo. The character has been one of the biggest creatures in the series since the days of Pokemon Red and Blue. As the primary antagonist in the first animated Pokemon movie, Mewtwo has long been a fan favorite, inspiring a plethora of merchandise, and some amazing artwork. While the resemblance between Gaga and Mewtwo in cookie form is purely coincidental, it's not out of the realm of possibility that the character could appear on an Oreo as part of an official Pokemon-themed package in the future.

Of course, 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise. If there was ever a fitting time for Pokemon-inspired Oreos, it's definitely this year! For now, Pokemon fans will just have to settle for the Lady Gaga-inspired sandwich cookies and hope that one day Mewtwo can once again step out of someone else's spotlight. To paraphrase Mewtwo, the circumstances of an Oreo's birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of Oreo that determines what it is!

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