Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leak Teases New Regional Form for Fan-Favorite Pokemon

An infamous Pokemon leaker suggests that a fan-favorite Pokemon will get a new regional form. Earlier today, Riddler Khu, an anonymous account who has previously posted correct Pokemon leaks in the past, posted a series of borderline non-sensical posts on their locked Twitter account. While most of the posts were unintelligible, two of the tweets seemed to suggest that Sudowoodo would receive a new regional form. Khu posted a picture of Sudowoodo and then a poll for its type, with the only two valid options being "Rock" and "Grass." The inference of the tweets is clear – Sudowoodo could be getting a regional form that makes it a Rock/Grass-type Pokemon. 


Interestingly, the third option was "Any," which seems to hint at a long-theorized possibility that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have Pokemon with the ability to switch types as its main gimmick. 

Despite looking like a tree, Sudowoodo is a pure Rock-type Pokemon. Sudowoodo seems to be inspired by petrified trees, which are fossilized trees turned into stone over the ages. Coincidentally, Sudowoodo has both a mechanical weakness to Water-type attacks and has a weakness to water within canon, so making Sudowoodo a Grass-type would fundamentally change its behavior and innate fear of water. 

Of course, all of Khu's vague posts and riddles have been unconfirmed so far, so be sure to take today's post with a large grain of salt. While Khu has been right in the past, they've made several statements about more recent games that have not come to pass so far. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be the first truly open world Pokemon games. Set in a brand new (and currently unnamed) region, the game will feature traditional turn-based Pokemon battles and other classic Pokemon features, but will also allow for multiplayer exploration. More details about the game are expected soon. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18th.