Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's New Mystery Gift Code Gives Two Rewards

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has revealed a new Mystery Gift code that can now be redeemed. The code in question is ENJ0YBATTLE, and players will receive two TMs after redeeming it. TM082 will teach a compatible Pokemon the move Thunder Wave, while TM087 will teach a compatible Pokemon how to use Taunt. The code is good through April 30th. The two TMs can be found in the game without using the code, but for players that need an extra, or haven't been able to find the specific locations of each one, this distribution could end up being helpful!

How to Redeem Mystery Gifts

For those that have never redeemed a Mystery Gift in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it's actually quite simple. In the game's main menu, players will need to access the option from "Poke Portal;" Mystery Gift is the last option that players will see on that screen. After that, players will able to enter whatever Mystery Gift code they might have. Provided that the player hasn't already redeemed the code (and it has been input accurately), the Mystery Gift will appear.

What do TMs do?

TMs are "Technical Machines," which can be used to teach a Pokemon a specific move. TMs have been a part of the franchise since Pokemon Red and Green, and have a lot of strategic benefit in both the main game, as well as competitive play. Ideally, a player will want to use a TM to teach a Pokemon a move that it doesn't normally learn through leveling up. Not every TM can be learned by every Pokemon, but some TMs can be used to teach Pokemon moves that might seem unusual for their specific type. This is especially important in Scarlet and Violet, where a Pokemon's Terastal type might not match its actual type. There's a lot of guesswork involved with finding the right TMs to teach a Pokemon, but it can really pay off!

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