Pokemon Sleep Now Available in US

The Pokemon Sleep app can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices in the US and most of the world.

Pokemon Sleep is now available to download in the United States. The new mobile app has launched in the United States as part of a staggered rollout over the past several days. The game aims to help track sleep quality with the use of Pokemon and a brand new Sleep-Style Pokedex, which not only charts various Pokemon who appear in the game but also the styles of sleep that the Pokemon partake in. Players can set a target sleep time and record their sleep noises.

Pokemon Sleep was inspired by Pokemon Go as a new lifestyle app that essentially "gamefies" healthy habits, in the same way that Pokemon Go encourages walking and Pokemon Smile encourages healthy teeth brushing. A player's sleep quality is tracked by placing the phone in close proximity to a player's pillow, with the app charting three different styles of sleep. A score is calculated and then multiplied by a partner Snorlax's strength to determine which Pokemon appear on the app. The goal is to get a healthy's night sleep and make adjustments if you need more sleep based on assumably your quality of sleep.

Pokemon Sleep also has a friends system and syncs up with Pokemon Go. The game is also compatible with the new Pokemon Go Plus+ device, with the device able to replace the phone by a player's pillow. To celebrate the game's launch, Pokemon Go held a "Catching Some ZZZs" event, which introduced an appropriate Pokemon, the sleeping Komala, to the game. 

Pokemon Sleep is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices.