WWE Superstars Are Having a Pokemon Stadium Tournament

A number of WWE Superstars are participating in a high-stakes Pokemon Stadium tournament. [...]

A number of WWE Superstars are participating in a high-stakes Pokemon Stadium tournament. UpUpDownDown is hosting a March Mayhem Tournament featuring 8 WWE Superstars squaring off in full Pokemon battles in Pokemon Stadium. The participants include Ember Moon, Johnny Gargano, Dakota Kai, Candice LeRae, Ricochet, Jessamyn Duke, Liv Morgan, and Lince Dorado, with commentary provided by Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze. The format allows players to choose from any of the original Pokemon from Pokemon Red and Blue, except for Mewtwo. Participants square off in a best of three series. During the first two rounds, each contestant picks their full team in view of their opponent. If a third match is necessary, each player picks their team out of view of their opponent, which means that they can't knowingly create a counter team. The battles are 6v6, with each player allowed to make up to three switches per match.

Because players are limited to rental Pokemon when choosing their Pokemon Stadium teams, some extra strategy is involved. One of the critical differences is that many fully evolved Pokemon have weaker movesets than their pre-evolved counterparts, so Pokemon like Kadabra or Dragonair have stronger movesets than Alakazam or Dragonite. Additionally, players who are used to more modern Pokemon games have to be aware of some of the original game's differences - the Attack and Special Attack (and Defense and Special Defense) corresponded to the type of move as opposed to whether an attack was a physical or special move.

New episodes of the March Mayhem Pokemon Stadium tournament air every day at 10 AM on UpUpDownDown's YouTube channel. As of press time, the first round has wrapped up, with the semi-finals airing on Friday and the championship round slated for Saturday. You can check out all of the Pokemon action on UpUpDownDown's YouTube channel.