Pokemon Sword and Shield Player Shares Heartbreaking Shiny Metagross Loss

Shiny Pokemon are some of the most elusive creatures in the series, so losing out on the chance to have one as part of your collection can be heartbreaking. Pokemon Sword and Shield player and Reddit user Cleffa-on-a-Laptop shared a video of a Max Raid battle in which they had a chance to catch a Shiny Metagross. In the video, the user can be seen deliberating between Poke Ball options before electing to use an Ultra Ball. While it can't be seen in the video, the user mentions in the thread that they actually had a Master Ball, but elected to save it. Unfortunately, that Ultra Ball wasn't enough to catch the creature, leading to a lost Shiny!

The video from Cleffa-on-a-Laptop can be found embedded below.

I think my soul just died... (My bad for the horrible video quality.) from r/PokemonSwordAndShield

Introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver, Shiny Pokemon have become highly sought-after since. There are fans that dedicate hundreds of hours to search out some of the most elusive Shiny Pokemon, so the prospect of losing out on one of those opportunities is horrifying to say the least. What's more, Metagross is often used by competitive players, so the creature could have been an invaluable part of a team!

Alas, it seems that it was not meant to be for Cleffa-on-a-Laptop! Perhaps their video will stand as a cautionary tale (not to be confused with a Clefairy Tale) about the need to use Master Balls a bit more judiciously. Master Balls were introduced with Pokemon Red and Green, and most series entries allow players to obtain just one throughout the game; they also have a 100% catch rate. As such, some players tend to hoard them, waiting for the perfect opportunity. If the Reddit user had just elected to use that Master Ball in their inventory, they might have had a new team member, as opposed to the regret of a lost chance. Pokemon fans, don't let the same thing happen to you!


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