Pokemon Sword and Shield: Drednaw's Pre-Evolved Form Revealed

The new Pokemon Drednaw from Pokemon Sword and Shield has a much less intimidating pre-evolved form. One of the first Pokemon revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield was Drednaw, a Water/Rock-type Pokemon that resembles a snapping turtle. Drednaw's defining characteristic is its powerful jaw, which can even chomp through steel plates. While we've seen Drednaw for months in various Pokemon Sword and Shield promotional art and trailers, players quickly learn that Drednaw is actually the fully evolved form of another Pokemon - Chewtle.

Chewtle is a pure Water-type Pokemon that appears in many early game areas, including Route 2, which makes it one of the first Pokemon that players can catch. Chewtle basically looks like a baby snapping turtle with an oversized head, and appears both in tall grass, in caves, and by fishing in various pools and rivers across the lower Galar region.

Chewtle evolves into Drednaw at Level 22 and can serve as a solid member of your team, thanks to its strong Attack and Defense stats. With a solid selection of moves and a big advantage over Fire-type Pokemon, you should be able to make Drednaw an effective part of your team. Some Drednaw can also Gigantamax, so be sure to take your Drednaw into the various Dynamax Raids in the Wild Area to see if you got lucky. Players can also fish for Drednaw in the Wild Area or in a small Fishing Hole in Area 6.

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