Pokemon Sword and Shield: New Isle of Armor DLC Details You Need To Know

Pokemon Sword and Shield has revealed more details about the Isle of Armor ahead of the new DLC's [...]

Pokemon Sword and Shield has revealed more details about the Isle of Armor ahead of the new DLC's release. IGN, GamesRadar, and several other sites were able to watch a 30-minute demo of the Isle of Armor DLC, the first batch of DLC being released for Pokemon Sword and Shield later this week. The demo confirmed a few details while serving as an early preview that revealed a few more points about the franchise's first ever bit of downloadable content.

As many expected from the trailers released for the Isle of Armor DLC, the new area is one "open world" setting similar to the Wild Area, with even more terrains and micro-biospheres than in the mainland Wild Area. The Pokemon in the Wild Area will also interact a bit differently than in the original Wild Area - for instance, Pokemon will sit on tree branches or logs found in the Wild Area.

One major note about the Isle of Armor DLC is that it can be accessed just a few hours into the game and scales in difficulty based on your Pokemon's levels. This isn't post-game content, but rather an area that players can immediately jump into no matter where they are in the game's main story. The Crown Tundra will also scale to match your party's levels, so players taking their second journey around the Galar region can see just how much the DLC impacts their enjoyment of the story.

Other new details includes confirmation that players will be able to customize their bikes, and that there will be mini-game like challenges to complete to earn ingredients for Max Soup, the item that can be used to unlock a Pokemon's Gigantamax ability. Players will also get new items like an XP Charm, which funnels the XP earned to a specific Pokemon, and a new "sacred armor" of some kind.

We'll have more information about the Isle of Armor when it releases on June 17th, so stay tuned to ComicBook.com for a full breakdown!