Pokemon Sword and Shield Brings Back a Popular Feature in Isle of Armor DLC

Pokemon Sword and Shield has brought back the ability to let Pokemon follow their trainers. The [...]

Pokemon Sword and Shield has brought back the ability to let Pokemon follow their trainers. The feature, which was first introduced in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver and came back in the 2018 Pokemon Let's Go games returns in the Isle of Armor DLC. Once players receive Kubfu during Isle of Armor's storyline, the lead Pokemon on their team will immediately start to follow their trainer. Players will know that they've unlocked this feature once the dojo master Mustard declares that the player's Pokemon can "go for a stroll" around the island. There are no limitations to which Pokemon follow you, although we'll note that some Pokemon (like Wailord) aren't to scale. The feature does appear to be limited to the Isle of Armor, though, and not the rest of the Galar region.

One of the biggest complaints about Pokemon Sword and Shield is that it didn't allow Pokemon to follow their players around, even though those walking animations were included in the last set of Pokemon games. While it's disappointing that this feature isn't available in every part of the Galar region, this little feature should bring a ton of joy to a ton of players. Keep in mind that this is the first time we've seen many of these Pokemon "walk" in the overworld before, so fans will get a lot of enjoyment discovering how certain Pokemon move.

Isle of Armor is pleasantly packed with tons of features and brings back over 100 Pokemon species, including fan-favorites like Marill, Scyther, and Psyduck. Players can also grab several Alolan species in the game, grab the new Pokemon Kubfu, and unlock Gigantamax forms for all of their Pokemon by making Max Soup. You can dive into the Isle of Armor by downloading the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass, which is available now on the Nintendo eShop store.