Pokemon Sword and Shield Turns Stonehenge Into an Actual Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Shield has a Pokemon that's just an animated part of Stonehenge. Pokemon fans [...]

Pokemon Sword and Shield has a Pokemon that's just an animated part of Stonehenge. Pokemon fans assumed early on that Pokemon Sword and Shield would contain some reference to Stonehenge, the ancient monument built in England for unknown purposes thousands of years ago. Not only is Stonehenge one of England's most iconic sites, Game Freak seems to enjoy putting standing stones and ancient monuments into its games. While Pokemon Sword and Shield does include an entire city full of different standing stones, there's also a Pokemon that is literally Stonehenge come to life.

One of the new Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield is Stonjourner, a Rock-type Pokemon that's just a set of standing stones with a face on them. The Pokemon's "legs" are the largest part of the Pokemon, and they're connected by a lintel block that has several additional stones stacked upon it. Stonjourner also has two arms consisting of large blocks that seem to be loosely connected to its head. Here's a close up look at Stonjourner:

stonjourner 2
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Not only is the Pokemon a clear homage to Stonehenge, Stonjourner also apparently forms Stonehenge in the Pokemon world. According to its Pokedex entry, a group of Stonjourner gather once a year to form a circle. Stonjourner also enjoys watching the sun's descent from its zenith to the horizon, a clear reference to Stonehenge's theorized use as an ancient calendar. The Pokemon also enjoys kicking things with its massive legs, which each weigh hundreds of pounds. We'll note that Stonjourner is smaller than the monoliths at Stonehenge - Stonejourner weighs a mere 1,142 pounds compared to individual stones at Stonehenge weighing about 25 tons (or about 50,000 pounds) a piece.

Unfortunately, Stonjourner is only available in Pokemon Sword. Players can find Stonjourner in Route 10 or in the Lake of Outrage at the Wild Area.

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