GameStop Giving Away Pokemon Promo Card

GameStop will give away a special promotional Pokemon card to customers who spend $15 or more on Pokemon cards. Starting tomorrow, GameStop will give out a special Hisuian Typhlosion card to anyone who spends $15 or more on Pokemon card packs or boxed sets. While the Hisuian Typhlosion card features the same artwork and foil treatment as the card found in Astral Radiance, the new Pokemon Trading Card Game set being released tomorrow, this particular card features a stamp with the Astral Radiance logo on it. We'll note that this is a change from other recent GameStop promo cards, which featured a goldfoil stamp of the GameStop logo. This marks the first time in over 9 months that GameStop has released a promotional Pokemon card.

The new card is a promotion tied to the release of Astral Radiance, which officially introduces Pokemon from Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The set contains over 178 cards (not counting secret rare cards) and 30 special Character Art cards, which use variant art featuring a Pokemon with a trainer they're typically associated with. The big cards in the set are the Origin Forme Palkia and Origin Forme Dialga, both of which are powerful Pokemon cards and have alternate art cards selling for over $100. The set also includes several Radiant Pokemon, which use Shiny Pokemon art and have a different holofoil treatment. 

Players won't have long to collect Astral Radiance before a special Pokemon TCG subset comes out in June. A Pokemon Go mini-set will come out that month, featuring cards with art inspired by Pokemon Go. One of the notable cards in the set is a special Ditto card that hides underneath a peelable foil. Pokemon Go will run a two week cross-promotional event with the Pokemon TCG in late June. 

Astral Radiance officially releases for the Pokemon Trading Card Game on May 27th.