Pokemon Prepares for Pokemon TCG Live Launch

The Pokemon Company is working towards a release of its new Pokemon trading card game app. Earlier today, the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online game client entered maintenance in order to complete infrastructure upgrades to support account migration over to the upcoming Pokemon TCG Live app. The maintenance only lasted a few hours, but it represents the latest sign that The Pokemon Company is preparing for the next era of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The Pokemon Company has already noted that players will have their accounts transfer from the old Pokemon Trading Card Game Online to the new app, so this maintenance indicates that they are gearing up to make the transfer.

First announced last year, the Pokemon TCG Live app is a new Pokemon Trading Card Game experience that serves as a big upgrade to the Pokemon Trading Card Game's current online capabilities. Currently, fans can only use the web-based Pokemon Trading Card Game Online if they don't want to play the card game in person. However, the Pokemon TCG Live app will not only offer players a mobile option, it will also add options for Expanded play in later updates. Given that the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online client had not received an update in years and the new app would be supported on mobile devices, excitement for the app remains pretty high.

While Pokemon TCG Live was originally supposed to launch in open beta in 2021, The Pokemon Company announced in November that it would delay a launch of the app to provide players with a "more polished experience." Since then, we haven't received any update about the new app until today. The delay did have some minor consequences as the QR codes packaged with all Pokemon Trading Card Game products were already re-branded with Pokemon TCG Live logos, but they still worked with the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online app.

As of now, The Pokemon Company has not announced when Pokemon TCG Live will launch. However, it's very possible that we'll hear something soon, perhaps before the Pokemon Trading Card Game launches its next expansion in February. Let us know if you plan on giving the new app a try in the comment section.