Target Resumes In-Store Sales of Pokemon Cards

Target is resuming its in-store sales of Pokemon cards, following a two week hiatus when the store [...]

Target is resuming its in-store sales of Pokemon cards, following a two week hiatus when the store pulled merchandise from shelves due to "inappropriate customer behavior." Target stores across the United States have begun re-stocking Pokemon Trading Card Game products on shelves, with some limitations. Cards will be sold 7 days a week, but guests can only purchase 2 items per day. Target shoppers had posted photos of re-stocked trading card game shelves, and Target officially confirmed the news on their "Ask Target" Twitter account earlier today.

Pokemon cards were pulled from Target locations several weeks ago after multiple reports of "inappropriate customer behavior" involving various trading cards. The demand for Pokemon cards and sports trading cards has gone through the roof during the pandemic, and Target and other major retailers are an easy source for scalpers to get stock to re-sell on eBay and other secondary sites. Target pulled Pokemon and sports cards after an altercation in a Target parking lot over sports trading cards, which ended when the victim (a 35-year-old man) pulled a gun and caused his assailants to flee. All four assailants were later arrested.

It's notable in that only Pokemon cards are returning to Target locations for now. Target has not given any indication when sports trading cards will return to stores.

The timing works out for the Pokemon Trading Card Game, as it has its next expansion Chilling Reign set to come out next month. Target is one of the largest sellers of Pokemon cards, as they have a large kids demographic as opposed to Magic: The Gathering (which never saw any restrictions from Target or other retailers). With new limitations in place for customers and The Pokemon Company increasing production runs, it could mean that some kids will actually be able to get their hands on Pokemon cards in the near future.