Pokemon Unite Update Is Making One of the Best Pokemon Even Stronger

On September 8th, Pokemon Unite will be getting a new patch on Nintendo Switch, and developer TiMi Studio Group has revealed patch notes for version The latest version of the Pokemon MOBA will feature some bug fixes, but the biggest change is coming to Blissey. It seems that Blissey is getting buffed in a major way, with an increased Special Defense stat, and improvements to the Safeguard move. Safeguard now has a reduced cooldown and an increased area of effect, while also removing status effects from Blissey and an ally Pokemon, granting both a shield that protects them from hindrances.

Full patch notes from the game's website can be found below.

Update Date/Time

2021-9-8 at 7:00 UTC

Post-Update Version


Update Details

  • Bug Fixes
  • Text Fixes
  • Shop Updates

If the app has not been updated on your device, please restart the app to apply this update.

Changes are being made to some Pokémon stats and moves to adjust the balance of Unite Battles.


The following stats have been increased:

  • Sp. Def


  • Removes all status conditions from the user and the designated ally Pokémon and grants both Pokémon a shield. While these shields are active, the shielded Pokémon become immune to hindrances.
  • Cooldown reduced.
  • Area of effect increased.


  • Upgrade: Increases the amount of damage nullified by the shield effect.

It will be interesting to see how players react to the Blissey buff! Many players already considered Blissey of the best defensive Pokemon in the game, and these changes should increase that in a major way. Pokemon Unite has been out for just over a month now, and many players are likely still figuring out the best strategies, and the Pokemon that they feel most comfortable using. These changes just might sway some players to give Blissey a try if they haven't already!

Pokemon Unite is currently available on Nintendo Switch, with iOS and Android versions set to arrive on September 22nd. You can check out our previous coverage of the game right here.

Have you used Blissey in Pokemon Unite? Does this update make you want to try out the Pokemon for yourself? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

[H/T: Kotaku]