Pokemon Unite: How to Find Out Your Team's Score in the Middle of a Match

Pokemon Unite players have figured out a way to get a relative idea of how much their team is [...]

Pokemon Unite players have figured out a way to get a relative idea of how much their team is ahead or behind during a match. One of the more frustrating parts in Pokemon Unite is that the game doesn't show a match's score in real time. Instead, players are given periodic updates using vague messages that tell players whether their team is winning or losing. While Pokemon Unite's last two minutes make it possible for a team to catch up no matter how far behind they are, trying to get a sense of how close a match is can be very helpful.

Luckily, Pokemon Unite players have cracked the code on the vague messages the game gives players during a match. These messages provide players with the margin between the two team's scores and can be used to figure out approximately how far ahead or behind a team is. The messages correspond to the following margins:

We're Really Struggling: 100 or more points behind.

We're Struggling to Catch Up: 30 to 99 points behind.

It's a Close Battle: Scores are within 30 points of each other.

We're in the Lead: 30 to 99 points ahead.

We Have a Huge Lead: 100 or more points ahead.

As you can see, the messages are a bit misleading. A 100 point deficit can be easily overcome with just two goals and there's no way to tell whether you're 100 points behind or 400 points behind during a match. Considering some players will give up if their team falls behind in an early hole, understanding what the score messages mean could make a big difference in getting more quality matches from your teammates.

Sadly, there's still no way to get a "real time" score in Pokemon Unite. It would be nice if players could at least get the score when their Pokemon is KOed, but it seems like this will need to be a quality of life update addressed later in the game's lifecycle.

Pokemon Unite is available to download now as a free-to-play game. A mobile version of the game will be released later this year.