Pokimane Explains Why People Give Rich Twitch Streamers Their Money

The world's top Twitch streamers make millions and millions every year. Whether it's Pokimane or [...]

The world's top Twitch streamers make millions and millions every year. Whether it's Pokimane or xQc or Valkyrae or Asmongold, if there's one thing the platform's biggest players aren't short on, it's cash. Not only are they making a metric ton of money on the platform itself, but there's a lot of cash flow right now flowing through promotional streams, sponsorships, and ads. Despite this, each and every day, Twitch viewers donate a ton of money to their favorite streamers. Of course, some streamers really need these donations, but those that get the most donations, not as much.

Speaking to this, Pokimane recently revealed why Twitch viewers donate money to rich Twitch streamers who don't need the money. According to the Twitch star, it's actually quite simple: people who donate want the attention. And the richer and more famous someone becomes, the more their attention is worth. Of course, this latter part is up for debate, but the former is a compelling theory many would probably agree with.

"Why do people actually donate to Twitch streamers?" she read while scouring Reddit. "Because people don't go as far to think 'how much does this person need my money?' People donate because they want someone's attention. And if anything, the richer someone becomes the more valuable their attention becomes. "We all know why. Because most people don't, you know, we're not all spending money logically twenty-four-seven. We do things for other reasons."

It's unclear how much Pokimane makes in donations, but if you've tuned into her streams before, you'll know she receives many every stream of various amounts. In other words, she's probably pulling this take from experience.

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