Project Octopath Traveler Demo For Nintendo Switch Sees Huge Download Count, Team Already Working On Improvements

Last year, Square Enix released a surprise demo for a new Nintendo Switch project called Project [...]

Last year, Square Enix released a surprise demo for a new Nintendo Switch project called Project Octopath Traveler, which could be a huge potential hit for this year. So far, response to the demo has been quite startling, to say the least.

According to Nintendo Everything, Square Enix has recently reported that the demo has been downloaded more than a million times since its release, indicating its high level of popularity. And that's not all. The company also asked fans to fill out a survey talking about what they think of the game, to which it's gotten over 45,000 responses. Not too shabby for a new title.

But the team is taking this information to heart, as a new video has been released by the publisher, which can be seen above. In it, various team members talk about how the information they've gotten from fans will help craft a better game when Project Octopath Traveler eventually comes out.

In the video, the team addresses several areas in which they're making improvements, including enhancements to the visual engine; a radar that will help you find objectives easier than before; an option to fast travel to certain areas, in case you're in a hurry; changes to the UI; the ability to skip function for event scenes; and more. The video above is subtitled, so you should be able to make note of the changes that will be made to the game before its release sometime this year.

In case you're unfamiliar with what Project Octopath Traveler has to offer, it has quite a bit in common with the original PlayStation game SaGa Frontier, in which multiple characters have interlapping stories that fit with the overall narrative. On top of that, all of the characters in the game will be able to demonstrate unique skills or abilities that can be used over the course of their journey.

You can still download the demo now, in case you missed out on it. It's free of charge, so just make sure you've got the ample space on your memory card for it.

Project Octopath Traveler will release sometime this year for Nintendo Switch.