PS4 Game Sales Pass 1 Billion

In 2019, more than 274 million PlayStation 4 games were sold, bringing PS4 game sales to over one [...]

In 2019, more than 274 million PlayStation 4 games were sold, bringing PS4 game sales to over one billion all-time, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment. This means that in less than seven years, PlayStation 4 gamers purchased over one billion games. According to the PlayStation makers, this number includes both PS4 games sold at retail, as well as via the PlayStation Store, but it doesn't include DLC or any other type of additive content.

Interestingly, this figure also roughly reveals the console's attached rate. We know that the PlayStation 4 has sold over 106 million units to date. So, doing some quick math, this means that for every console, Sony sells about 10 to 11 games. Now, of course, there are plenty of gamers who buy more than this every year. However, these are balanced out by those who buy a maximum of one game a year. In terms of traditional attached rates, this isn't a bad figure, but it's also not the best. However, the more units a console sells, the more of the mainstream market it cuts into, which in turns lowers its rate. Infamously, the Wii U had an incredible software attached rate, and that's because only hardcore Nintendo fans bought it.

Of course, this also illustrates that the real money in the console business isn't in selling hardware, but software, which is why so many console makers are willing to take a loss up front on hardware in order to push as many units out the door, which enables them to make their money back and more via software.

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