PlayStation 4 Makes 4 Popular PS4 Games Just $4

Right now, courtesy of a new PlayStore Store sale, PlayStation players can buy and download four great and popular PS4 games for just $4 apiece, or in other words, $16 all together. The PlayStation Store sale in question features over 300 discounts, including a plethora of other great deals and steals, but for the purpose of this article we decided to highlight four games in particular all for being less than $4. 

The first of these four games is SOMA, a survival-horror game developed by Frictional Games and that debuted back in 2015. It's widely considered one of the best horror games of the PS4 generation, especially if you like a great narrative, which horror games usually don't offer. The second game is Batman: Arkham Knight, which debuted the same year, but via Rocksteady Studios. Like SOMA it's widely held as one of the better games of its time. The third game is The Wolf Among Us, which hit a year earlier in 2014 via Telltale Games. A cult classic, it's getting a sequel in the near future. And the fourth and final game is Double Fine's Psychonauts, one of the best games on PS2 and a game that just got a sequel itself.

As always though, these deals are a limited-time offer, or more specifically, available until only September 30, which is only nine days away. Obviously, this is plenty of time to buy any of the four games, but make sure you don't forget. If you do and go back and try and buy these four games at their normal prices that will be a $60 mistake.


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