PS5 Restock at Amazon Increases Your Odds of Buying the Console

Amazon released a huge PS5 restock today, featuring both the $400 all-digital version of the console and the $500 standard version of the console with a disc drive. Unlike previous PS5 restocks from Amazon though, this one gave priority to Amazon Prime subscribers. Now, just about everyone and their pet parakeet have an Amazon Prime subscription, so this doesn't limit the pool significantly, but it does filter out some potential buyers, and more importantly, it filters out bot accounts.

The combination of the restock size and this restriction ensured that the PS5 restock lasted a lot longer than previous PS5 restocks at Amazon. While the console quickly showed as "sold out," stock kept flickering, allowing those patiently refreshing and spamming "add to cart" to nab a console several minutes after the restock's release. In fact, PlayStation fans were reporting on Twitter that they were able to secure an order up to 10 minutes after the restock went live.

Over on Twitter, several PS5 restock watchers -- such as Jake Randall and Spiel Times and Matt Swider -- all relayed word that many of their followers were finally able to secure a console, some following the aforementioned tactic of staying patient even after the retailer says stock is "sold out." 

That said, and as you would expect, many PlayStation fans walked away empty-handed. While Amazon increased the odds in the favor of many, the reality is the odds are still stacked against every single PlayStation fan. Even if you take scalpers and bots out of the equation, the competition for a PS5 is still enormous. And due to microchip shortages, stock remains limited. As long demand outweighs supply, it's going to be a nightmare buying a PS5, especially since restocks are limited to online, and will be for at least the rest of the year. 

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