PS4 Update 4.73 Live, Download Size and Update Notes Confirmed

You have a brand new firmware update available to your PlayStation 4 right now. If you have [...]

(Photo: Sony)

You have a brand new firmware update available to your PlayStation 4 right now. If you have automatic updates enabled, then you don't even have to worry about it -- it will be installed by the time you get home. For those of you who don't have automatic updates turned on, version 4.73 is only 340.6MB, so it will download incredibly quickly (by the way, why do updates install on PS4 so much faster than on Xbox One? Find out here).

The software update notes were also released, and once again, they're a little disappointing. We have another one-liner on our hands: "This system software update improves the quality of the system performance." Gee, thanks Sony. Many of you were hoping for something else. Many of you were hoping for "the big one."

Software update 5.0 is on the way, and from everything we're hearing, it's going to be the most important PS4 firmware update in ages. Apparently this firmware version is currently being tested, and we could see the following features in the very near future:

  • PS One Classics compatibility
  • The ability to take game demos and trials from your library by hiding them

  • Wish list enabled in the PlayStation Store

  • Increasing the maximum number of players in a PSN online party

  • Being able to change the PSN ID

It may not sound like much, but these are actually huge boons. Players have been asking for the ability to change their PSN user names for years and years. For those who set up their profiles in a rush and ended up with names like "PuntedToast8923," this update will be absolutely critical. Beefing up the PSN party size is also pretty neat, and would enable entire groups of friends to hang out in parties together while playing larger online games against each other.

PS One classics are what I'm most excited to see, since currently the only way to play most of these is through our PlayStation Vitas. I'd love the chance to play through Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy Tactics on my PlayStation 4, so let's make this happen, Sony!