Demon's Souls Remake May Be Revealed at PS5 Event Next Week

The long-rumored Demon's Souls Remake may be revealed next week at the PS5 reveal/games event. [...]

The long-rumored Demon's Souls Remake may be revealed next week at the PS5 reveal/games event. Today, Sony revealed the PS5 event will go down next week, just as previous rumors claimed it would. For now, it's unclear whether we will see the console, get word of a release date, or hear a price point, but we do know PS5 games will be shown off. And it looks like a remake of Demon's Souls will be included in this showcase.

Taking to Twitter, prominent industry insider and journalist, Jason Schreier, revealed that he expects the event to feature both first-party exclusives and third-party games. Replying to this, one fan asked if this smattering of games will include the remake of Demon's Souls. Schreier didn't reply, but he did like the tweet.

Is this an endorsement? Maybe, but not necessarily. That said, from what I've heard, it's true: a remake of Demon's Souls will finally be revealed during the event, or at the very least, what Bluepoint has been working on. Here and there, I've heard about the remake for a couple of years now, and expected it to arrive on PS4. And it may still do this, but it's also possible the game is simply coming to PS5. Or maybe this was the intention the entire time. Unfortunately, right now, this part is unclear.

Other games that may make an appearance include the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and a new Gran Turismo. Meanwhile, I wouldn't be surprised if we see a new Ratchet & Clank game, plus the heavily-rumored Silent Hills reboot.

Of course, all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt. Nothing here is official, and it's all based on rumblings across the Internet and through the grapevine. Will a remake of Demon's Souls be revealed next week? Probably, but I wouldn't be willing to bet my house or anything valuable on it.

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