PS5, PC Game Godfall Reveals New Gameplay Trailer

A new trailer for Godfall released on Saturday to show off new gameplay from the upcoming [...]

A new trailer for Godfall released on Saturday to show off new gameplay from the upcoming PlayStation 5 and PC game. While other looks at the game have been shown during PlayStation events as part of Sony's next-gen reveals, the gameplay we've now seen in the newest trailer comes from the PC version as part of the PC Gaming Show. Some things may change from the version of Godfall we see in the trailer compared to the one we'll see when it fully releases, but the gameplay included on Saturday's reveal gives us our best look yet at the new game.

Godfall's trailer comes in at just over two minutes and 20 seconds with gameplay, story details, and more narrated by Keith Lee, the director of the game. From the setting to the powerful armors and weapons the main classes equip, Lee offered some insights into Godfall's design.

Godfall is set in a brand-new high-fantasy universe filled with heroic knights, arcane magic, and forbidden realms," Lee said. "The world is split up into the elemental realms of Earth, Water, Air and Fire."

Players will control warriors known as Valorian knights who are able to equip something called "Valorplates." These armors we've seen in previous videos are legendary pieces of equipment that bolster wearers' combat skills. Players will find more of these Valorplates as they progress through the game, each of them sporting unique characteristics.

As for the gameplay of Godfall, we've often seen comparison to things like Dark Souls and loot-heavy mechanics as general as those descriptors may be nowadays. Lee classified the game as a "looter-slasher," a new genre Counterplay Games and Gearbox hope to create with Godfall. Players will utilize a "wide set of combat mechanics" to be mastered throughout the game and enhanced with powerful weapons and armors found as players progress.

Gameplay spaced out under the commentary from Lee showed players using some of these unique abilities to smash the ground and send enemies flying, bash them with shields, and dodge attacks with slides and other evasive maneuvers. At the end of the trailer, we saw a brief glimpse of a boss fight that Lee said they'll save for another day.

Godfall is currently planned for a release on the PlayStation 5 and PC via the Epic Games Store with no release date announced beyond Holiday 2020.