New PS5 Model Reportedly Releasing in 2022

Even though the first iteration of the PlayStation 5 is only about six months old, it looks like [...]

Even though the first iteration of the PlayStation 5 is only about six months old, it looks like Sony is already planning to release a new version of the console at some point in 2022. While this information hasn't been announced by those at Sony just yet, and the redesign as a whole shouldn't be a drastic one, it sounds like some small tweaks could be coming for the next-gen platform.

News of this new version of the PS5 comes by way of DigiTimes, which says that those that manufacture units of the PlayStation console are planned to begin working on a new iteration in the second and third quarter of 2022. The new version of the hardware won't be one that will do anything different than what the platform currently does, but it should feature some new internals. Specifically, a new CPU is said to be the newest offering within the console.

For the most part, this is a pretty standard procedure throughout the life cycle of any video game console. The Nintendo Switch, for example, had a new base model of the console release a few years after the initial version of the platform launched in 2017. While this new console contained a battery life that lasted a bit longer than the original one, it's still unknown if this proposed 2022 PlayStation 5 revision would do anything all that different from the current slate of consoles.

Of course, if this ends up being something that does actually happen, Sony will likely have more to share about the move at some point in the future. Given that this revision isn't slated to potentially happen until next year, however, I would imagine that PlayStation won't talk about this publicly until 2022 at the earliest.

So how do you feel about potentially seeing a new version of the PlayStation 5 come about? Does this sway you in any capacity from holding off on buying the console right now? Let me know all of your thoughts either down in the comments section or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.