PS5 "Golden Rock" Goes on Sale

The 'Golden Rock' PS5 has gone on sale, but not only is the console incredibly expensive, but only [...]

The "Golden Rock" PS5 has gone on sale, but not only is the console incredibly expensive, but only one single unit is being made. The PlayStation 5 is virtually impossible to buy right now. PS5 restocks have been scarce, and when they are pushed by Walmart, GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and others, they are quickly gobbled up not just by equally desperate customers, but scalpers and their bots. Right now, the only reliable place to buy a PS5 is on eBay, but of course, on the reseller site, the console comes with an inflated price that ranges between $800 to $1,000. That said, if money isn't an issue and you don't want to buy from a reseller, you can purchase Caviar's new PS5 for about a million or two.

Luxury product makers, Caviar, recently announced the Golden Rock, a PS5 made with 44 pounds of gold that comes with a DualSense controller made with gold and "premium" crocodile leather. According to Caviar, the console is not only incredibly luxurious, but was very challenging to make, with a body featuring 8 sheets cast in solid gold. To create this, Caviar used roughly 44 pounds of the precious metal.

"The case of this exclusive gadget is made in the original jewelry technique, which adds volume and texture to the model," writes Caviar of the console. "The inspiration for the designers was the unique geometry of the gold ore and the graceful, beautiful outlines of the rock. That is why the console was named Golden Rock."

As noted, the console comes with a controller that is comprised of gold inserts and crocodile leather. It's unclear how suitable crocodile leather is for gaming, but it gives the controller a nice black and gold finish.

So, how much does it cost? Good question. Caviar doesn't say. We know only one is being made, but right now a price point hasn't been divulged. However, you can inquire about the console's price here.

That said, while Caviar doesn't divulge the price of the console, the price of the 18K gold alone puts it well over $1 million USD. In other words, expect to pay upwards of $2 million for the Golden Rock.

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