PlayStation 5: Christmas Present Unwrappings Take Over the Internet

The PS5 is sold out basically everywhere at the moment, and it looks like restocks won't be [...]

The PS5 is sold out basically everywhere at the moment, and it looks like restocks won't be happening until 2021, at least for the most part. Target will reportedly have a restock sometime early next week, but right now, this hasn't been confirmed. Meanwhile, there's been no word of the console being restocked at Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Best Buy, or any other major retailer. That said, not only is the PS5 virtually impossible to get now, but it's been impossible to get since the moment pre-orders went live months ago.

In the build-up to Christmas and the holiday season, restocks were quite often, but they would vanish in seconds. However, despite the odds, despite the army of bots, yesterday many were lucky enough to unwrap a present containing the elusive console. And as you would expect, it's produced some great reactions, which are all over the Internet and have been since yesterday morning.

This is the best and most amazing response to someone getting a ps5 for Christmas! from r/PS5

From Reddit to Twitter to Facebook to gaming forums, the Internet has been brimming with great, heartwarming reactions to PS5 unwrappings. And of course, there's also been a few less-than-happy reactions from those disappointed not to get the new Sony console.

The videos have also been a great reminder that gaming is a hobby that extends to all ages. Not only has there been plenty of videos of kids freaking out over the console, but hardworking dads as well.

A surprise Christmas gift for a hardworking dad :) 🎮 from r/PS5

It remains to be seen how hard the PS5 will be to get come Christmas 2021, but the fact that it's nearly impossible to get certainly helps fuel some of these reactions.

That said, while everyone and their mother's father's step-sister's pet parakeet wants a PS5, there's actually not a ton of truly next-gen games to play on it right now. Hopefully, this will change in 2021 with games like Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart, a new God of War, and more.

Got Him One! from r/PS5

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