PlayStation 5: This PS2-Themed PS5 Is Better Than the Real Thing

The PlayStation 5 only just released a little over a month ago but some fans are already looking [...]

The PlayStation 5 only just released a little over a month ago but some fans are already looking ahead and thinking about what new iterations of the console could come about in the future. One of these ideas that has recently made its way onto the internet combines the look of the iconic PlayStation 2 with the next-gen console and the marriage between the two is quite stunning.

Spotted over on Reddit, one user by the name of u/whattheefth has put together an immaculate PS2-themed PS5 console. Decked out in all black, the console resembles the look of the PS2 and even comes with the throwback colored PlayStation logo emblazoned on the bottom portion of the faceplate. The DualSense controller has also received this same treatment and looks incredibly similar to the DualShock 2 -- colored buttons and all. This vision was put together as one that Sony could opt to create for the 30th anniversary of PlayStation which is set to transpire down the road.

PS5 PS2 Mockup
(Photo: Reddit)

Obviously, it's worth stressing ten times over that this mockup is not real whatsoever and is just that -- a mockup. However, there is a precedent for Sony to actually release a console like this based on what we have seen it do in the past.

For those who don't remember, Sony released a 20th Anniversary edition of the PlayStation 4 back in 2014 to celebrate the two-decade launch of the brand. This version of the PS4 was meant to resemble the original PlayStation, much like this new fan-made iteration has with the PS5. The only downside is that Sony only created 12,300 versions of the console worldwide, making it quite limited.

The main catch here is that if Sony does decide to make a 30th Anniversary PlayStation 5, we'll be waiting quite a bit to hear about it. PlayStation doesn't celebrate its 30th birthday until 2024, which means any sort of limited edition console like the one we've seen here could be four years away at most.

Still, if Sony is already putting together ideas to celebrate such an occasion, they should definitely pull inspiration from this one because it looks spectacular. The only thing needed to really bring this fictional console together would be the beloved PS2 startup sound kicking on once it powers up.

So what do you think of this fan-made PS5 that's modeled after the PS2? Would you look to buy one of these if Sony released it in a few years? Give me your thoughts down in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12 to talk more.