Sony Gives PlayStation Fans Hope About PS5 Stock Situation

Sony's new comments about the PS5 stock situation have given PlayStation fans hope that the console will soon no longer be impossible to buy. Since pre-orders went live back in September, ordering the PS5 has been a daunting task. The combination of production issues and high demand means that every time the PS5 is restocked, it sells out in minutes. It doesn't matter if it's Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Best Buy, Target, or any other retailer, the end result is the same: empty carts and frustration. Amplifying the issue are scalpers, making use of bots to gobble up large amounts of stock very quickly to resell said stock at a premium price.

Previously, Sony suggested the stock situation wasn't going to improve anytime soon, but during a new interview, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said he thinks the situation could improve in the near future.

According to Ryan, Sony is working hard to build back up supply after the Christmas season exhausted it. Obviously, with each passing month, the situation will improve, but Ryan also teases "the situation will start to get better hopefully quite quickly."

"We're working as we always have, but with renewed vigor and energy post-Christmas to get supply up, it will increase as each month passes," said Ryan while speaking to GQ. "And the situation will start to get better hopefully quite quickly. We have been relentless in terms of trying to increase production and I really can't say any more than that."

As you can see, Ryan does throw in the "hopefully" caveat in there, but it's good news for those expecting all of 2021 to be as frustrating as 2020 was. And it may very well end up being just as hard to get a PS5 throughout all of 2021, but Ryan and Sony seem to think the situation is about to improve, though, right now, they aren't explaining why.


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