PS1 and PS2-Themed PS5 DualSense Controllers Available in Limited Quantities

PlayStation players can now obtain a PS1-themed PS5 DualSense controller, or more specifically, a modded PS5 DualSense to look like a PS1 controller. In addition to this, a PS2-themed controller is also available, as are Dragon Ball, Fortnite, Spider-Man, Batman, and an all-black controller. The modded controllers don't come the way of Sony, but Laza Modz, and as you would expect, they aren't cheap.

For example, the PS1-themed controller, the reason why you clicked on this article, runs at $164. That said, if you fork over $164, you will get a hand-crafted and custom-painted controller that does pay homage to the console that started it all. And if you pay $164 and end up not liking it, you can get this $164 back because refunds are available.

As noted, there is also a PS2-themed controller that runs at $148, as well as a $188 Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales controller, a $188 Marvel's Spider-Man controller, a $128 "Blackout" controller, a $178 Dragon Ball Z controller, a $148 Batman controller, and a $168 Fortnite controller.

ps2 controller
(Photo: Laza Mods)

What's unclear is if the design process used voids the warranty of the controller. That said, because the controller isn't being opened, it shouldn't, but obviously be mindful of this when making a purchase. Further, it's important to note that by the time you're reading this, some of the information above may have changed.

At the moment of publishing, the only PS5 controller Sony officially offers is the standard white-and-black controller, and right now, there's no word of any more designs coming, which is why so many PlayStation players have been flocking to modded and custom controllers like these.


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