Xbox Twitter Account Actually Responds to "PS5 Is Better" Replies

Is the PS5 better than the Xbox Series X? Well, according to the militia of PlayStation fans who swarm every tweet from the official Xbox Twitter account, the "PS5 is better." Whether or not this is true, is a debate for another time, but if you follow the official Xbox Twitter account, you'll know it's replies are flooded with this exact reply, almost every time. Today, the corporate Twitter account leaned into this meme and tried to extend an olive branch to PlayStation fans overcome with negative emotion for the new Xbox Series X account. As you would expect, the tweet is quickly going viral.

The tweet was issued at 4 p.m. EST, on the nose, which suggests it was a planned tweet. In other words, the person running the account didn't go rogue and this wasn't a spontaneous tweet or, at least, the tweet doesn't appear to check either of these boxes.

As for the tweet itself, it reads as follows: "To the people in our replies saying 'PS5 is better': ​The best console is the one you enjoy playing. Have fun!" And that's it. That's the entire tweet.

In the "console war" environment, this tweet may seem completely out of left field, but it's not, especially for Xbox, which makes a habit of playing nice not just with PlayStation, but Nintendo as well.

Unfortunately, PlayStation hasn't joined in on the good vibes, at least not yet, but Cory Barlog did, the director of God of War at Sony Santa Monica.

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