PS5 Custom Faceplate Manufacturer Shows Off Easy Assembly in New Video

PlayStation 5 owners have no option for swapping out their console's faceplates at the moment, but [...]

PlayStation 5 owners have no option for swapping out their console's faceplates at the moment, but that could change in the near future thanks to red, black, blue options from CMP Shells. Previously sold through the website "," the third-party manufacturer was forced to cancel pre-orders back in November, citing threat of legal action from Sony. However, the company has applied for a patent for its design, and will apparently be able to sell these faceplates without fear of legal action. According to CMP's website, its faceplates feature a slightly different design from Sony's, which also offers superior ventilation.

An Instagram video of the CMP Shells faceplates being clipped on to the PS5 can be found embedded below.

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From the video, it seems like the faceplates should be fairly easy to clip on! The company allows players to select between plates compatible with both the digital and physical versions of the console. Customers have additional options besides the faceplate coverings, including skins that allow them to change the coloration of the midpiece and the controller.

Only 1000 units of each shell will be offered, and they can be purchased for $49.99. Fans that want to make the controller match the console can get a controller skin as part of a bundle that includes the shells and a vinyl midpiece strip for $69.99. Midpiece strips are also sold separately for $15, so buyers can mix-and-match if they so please. More information can be found at the company's website right here.

It will be interesting to see whether or not the legal issues have been completely sorted out! CMP Shells seems very confident that Sony will not be able to prevent the faceplates from being sold this time, and expects them to begin shipping by the end of February. It remains to be seen whether or not Sony is considering offering an official option for replacing the PS5 faceplates, but it seems like it might have been beaten to the punch, on this one. Those interested in purchasing the shells will have to keep their fingers crossed that everything will go as planned this time.

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