PS5 Faceplate Site Cancels Orders, Cites Legal Threat From Sony

There is a good chance you saw the news that third-party PlayStation 5 faceplates in a variety of colors had gone up for pre-order at a website called "" last week, but for anyone that happened to try and purchase one of these, there is some bad news. The website -- now "" -- has reportedly cancelled these orders citing a legal threat from Sony should it continue to sell or distribute them.

"Before we launched, we did our due diligence and were of the opinion, that because Sony only had pending patents on the faceplates there would be no problem," told VGC via email. "But after only a day of our website being live, Sony's lawyers asked us to change our name (at the time PlateStation5), due to trademark infringements. We thought this switch would be enough to keep everyone happy, and honestly were hoping so since we were already underway with our product development."

It wasn't enough, however, and Sony reportedly continued to insist the faceplates themselves were its intellectual property. According to, it was told that if the company were to continue selling them, the matter would end up in court. And thus, has ceased doing so. Instead, it would appear that the company will offers skins for next-gen consoles -- a common third-party item -- instead.

The PlayStation 5 is set to release on November 12th in the United States and November 19th globally, with the version containing a disc drive running $499 while the all-digital console will cost $399. Pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 are... live-ish, if you can find one. You can check out all of our previous coverage of PlayStation here.


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